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Mark the calendar


Have you ever showed up somewhere and didn’t know if friends would be there and didn’t really know what was going on? 

Yep, it happens to everyone… especially during that incredible season of life called middle school and high school - the struggle is REAL

Pipeline.Students is here to help ease the struggle with an incredible group of adults and students who are ready and waiting to make the first move and “embrace the awkward.” . It doesn’t take long before amazing students start creating meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime. 

What is Is there for Junior High Students (7th-8th)? 

Starting February 10th, Jr High Students will meet Sunday nights at 5:00 PM.  They will sit together and participate in worship. Jr High students will be dismissed after worship and will gather together to have some fun together, dig into the Bible, and meet in gender/age specific small groups led by their adult small group leader.  This happens every Sunday night unless specified on the calendar. Our student activities are outside so we do ask students to dress according to the weather! Jr High students will be dismissed when the 5:00 PM service ends.


Well what about High School Students (9th-12th)? 


Starting June 9th, High School students will meet Sunday nights at 7:15 PM. Students will gather to eat a meal together, participate in a group activity, and then enter into age/gender based small groups led by their adult small group leader.  The last Sunday of the month there will be various activities such as bowling, scavenger hunts, etc that students will participate in with times/locations posted on the website.  High School students are strongly encouraged to attend the 6:00 PM service, or if they have already attended our 9:30 am service to come and serve in a wide array of opportunities during the service.


Do I need to Sign my student up?

Students can simply come during the appropriate time for their age group and we will make sure to make them feel at home.

What about BIG Group gatherings? 


Jr High will have quarterly events and high school will have monthly events ranging from bowling, corn mazes, quantum leap, etc.  See Mark The Calendar for more info. 



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