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Welcome to Pipeline.Students


Mark the calendar

January 18-21: High School Winter Advance

February 1-3: Jr. High Winter Camp (Hume Lake)

February 10: Pipeline.Students Sunday Night Launch

April 21: Easter - no youth group

May 12: Mothers Day - No youth group

May 19: Last Youth group before summer

June 16-22: Hi-Camp (High SChool)

July 7-13: Hume San Diego (Junior High)

Have you ever showed up somewhere and didn’t know if friends would be there and didn’t really know what was going on? 

Yep, it happens to everyone… especially during that incredible season of life called middle school and high school - the struggle is REAL

Pipeline.Students is here to help ease the struggle with an incredible group of adults and students who are ready and waiting to make the first move and “embrace the awkward.” It’s amazing what can happen when you gather a group of students and add some cold drinks and generally healthy (not really) food items to the mix. It doesn’t take long before amazing students start creating meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime. 

Is there a weekly service for students

Launching February 10th there will be a weekly service for Students. Details to come soon!


Can anyone join a mentor group? 


If you are alive and between 7th-12th grade then we have a group designed specifically for you!


What about BIG Group gatherings? 


We do BIG group events every month!


These events are a great time to socialize and make new friends! We do everything ranging from Paint Wars, Bowling, Corn Mazes, Quantum Leap and so much more! 




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