After a few years of diligent search and prayer, the leadership team at Pipeline.Church is close to wrapping up a legal agreement to purchase 50% ownership and interest in a beautiful 13-acre campus and facilities. 

Without a question, this is an exciting time to be part of this church and all God is wanting to do in this community! Now it's time to determine how you would like to be involved! 

Respond and let the Pipeline.Church leadership team know if you are ready to join the LLC partnership. Together we can do this!
Looking for interest responses ASAP

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  • To follow God’s plan for Pipeline Church 
  • To move to a facility that can contain our current congregation and meet needs
  • To find a facility and property that will allow Pipeline.Church to expand and grow for years and years to come

** Disclosure Statement:  This is not the merging of two church bodies or ideologies.  This is two separate churches sharing a facility with goal of healthy growth for both. **  


Pipeline.Church LLC Details and proposal 

Becoming a member of Pipeline LLC:

  • Initial investment is a minimum of 10k
  • Initial investment is made into an LLC that owns an asset so the amount you initially invest will be an asset on your financial statement and balance sheet
  • Your % of ownership will be based on the amount of your initial investment
    • 10k investment = 2%
    • 25k investment = 5%
    • 50k investment = 10%

Purpose of the LLC:

  • The LLC is not designed to and will not make money for its members
  • The tenant (Pipeline Church) will pay a rental amount that will cover the loan payment that the LLC will pay the bank
  • Pipeline Church will also pay the property taxes, insurance, maintenance and utilities on the property or reimburse the LLC for said expenses
  • Once the initial loan has been paid off the LLC will then gift the property to Pipeline Church

Benefit of joining Pipeline LLC:

  • Your investment into Pipeline LLC will be backed by an asset
  • Pipeline Church will be paying rent to the LLC which will be paying down the debt that is being guaranteed by the LLC
  • When the debt is cleared the LLC will gift the property to Pipeline Church
    • At that time the property will be reappraised
    • The amount that will be recorded as a gift from the LLC to Pipeline Church will be the current appraised value
  • For this example we will use an appraised value of 2 million:
    • 10k original investment (2% Ownership) becomes a 40k tax deduction
    • 25k original investment (5% Ownership) becomes a 100k tax deduction
    • 50k original investment (10% Ownership) becomes a 200k tax deduction
  • The gifting can be broken up into any number of years based on the desire of the LLC to spread out the tax deduction


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Who do I contact about questions regarding the LLC?
Mario Celillo
Who do I contact about joining the LLC?
Micah Kuiper
Can an organization, c-corp, s-corp or LLC be a member of this LLC?
Will the LLC have any tax consequences for me while we own the property?
The LLC will be designed to have no income or deduction affect on a yearly basis until the LLC is gifted to Pipeline Church.
Will other members of the LLC or members of the church know how much ownership each member has in the LLC? 
The LLC will be done and funded in anonymity outside of the one person (Micah Kuiper) who puts the LLC together.
What is the minimum amount to join the LLC?
How long will the LLC own the property before gifting to Pipeline Church?
5 years
How much will my initial investment become in a deduction at the time of gifting?
The current estimate is 2.0 to 2.5 times your original investment.
Can I bank the deduction that we receive from the gift to use over a number of years?
The deduction created by the gifting of the property is bankable on your income taxes to be used until you have expired the entire amount.

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Happy to help.

Who do I contact about questions regarding the LLC?
Mario Celillo
Who do I contact about joining the LLC?
Micah Kuiper

mailing address:
PO BOX 6424
Visalia, CA 93290-6424

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