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Burn the Ship

As a part of this movement, we want to inspire and challenge each other to recognize the ships (struggles, bad habits, insecurities, distractions, and addictions) in our lives that need to be burned. Your ship is the largest negative aspect of your life that consumes you, your thoughts, and your daily being. These ships look completely different for each individual, yet everyone has them.

We want to come along side you and remind you daily that you are not alone. Although burning your ship will be extremely challenging at times, you can be encouraged that others are on the hard path to freedom as well. We are with you. Today, recognize the ship in your life that is holding you back and remove it. Press on and stay the course.


The McMaster Family

 Matthew 24:14, Jesus says: “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”  In response to this, we have felt the call to join in the effort of bible translation, in the hope that every person on earth, from every tribe, every nation, and every tongue will have access to God’s word in a language they understand.  We believe that Revelation 7 will be a beautiful scene, but that there is much to be done before this day will come.

     With that, we come to you. This task is not a small one, and will likely involve a decade or more of our lives. We simply want to ask that you would join us in prayer over this decision. That you would ask God to help reveal His will for our family, and that His voice would be clear in our hearts.  That we would be placed where we could best be used to glorify God's name.